Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Data Center Consolidation Completed

The end of the Data Center Consolidation Project has arrived. It's been eighteen months since the beginning of the project. Many DTS technicians, managers, applica- tion developers, and DBA’s worked long nights and many weekends on the Consolidation Project. Most have passed up vacations and time off to stay dedicated to completing the Consolidation effort. There were certainly ups and downs but amazingly everyone held it together and stayed the course to the end.

An ambitious goal 18 months ago was realized in the final week with the comple- tion of the GenTax servers as well as a few virtualizations that occurred on June 29th. In the end a 100% completion was accomplished.

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DTS Publishes New Strategic Plan for 2010-2013

The Strategic Plan for The Department of Technology Services (DTS) outlines our approach to achieving the goals and objectives we have set to optimize IT services for the State of Utah. The primary objective of the Strategic Plan is to establish and maintain a clear alignment of the State’s IT resources to its business needs while ensuring an optimal return on investment.

The Plan outlines the need for a systemic approach to assess continuing IT developments and lists major IT initiatives throughout the enterprise. Furthermore, we are partnering with agencies to assist in achieving business objectives as outlined in the State of Utah Emerging Issues and Strategies document, as well as the IT Plans.

Since the inception of our strategic plan, DTS has been able to achieve many improvements in operations through consolidation and optimization. The recent economic downturn has created many challenges for DTS and our partners across state government. Through our optimization efforts, DTS is positioned well to assist agencies in achieving the demands of providing more services with fewer resources, using automation to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of state programs.