Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2010 Utah Egov Awards

The 2010 Utah E-government Awards were presented today at the Utah Product Management Council. This is the first year of what is expected to become an annual awards presentation. In 2010, awards were presented in five categories: best online video, best new website, best new online service, social media, and most improved.

Best Online Video

UDOT - Mountain View Corridor

USTAR - USTAR 2010/2011

Best New Website
Lt. Governor / Elections Office -
The website was the centerpiece of a successful initiative by the Lt. Governor's Office to encourage voters to register and vote in the 2010 election. The site also featured personalized information for individual voters within their geographic area, such as finding their poll locations and the platforms and information packets that corresponded to their individual precinct.

Social Media

UDOT - UDOT Blog, Twitter, and Youtube
UDOT's social media campaign was designed to provide better information to citizens about transportation issues. @UtahDOT provides regular Twitter updates on road construction, traffic conditions, and travel-related weather, while UDOT's new blog gives citizens an inside look at the Department and the issues it is dealing with.

Best New Service

This new service provides an administrative console to providers of continuing education services so that they can manage information about the courses they provide as well as information they provide to the Department of Commerce. Licensees are able to easily locate potential courses that will help them maintain their valid license status.

When faced with the requirement to physically verify information on every driver license renewal for the next five years, the Driver License Division was faced with a huge challenge of keep lines down in its offices and customers satisfied. The implementation of the online scheduler provided a way to maintain a more manageable flow of citizens through the renewal process.

Most Improved

DAS State Archives - Public Notice Website
The newly designed site, unveiled in October 2010, provides a more useable interface for thousands of public meetings for all state and local government entities. The advanced browse and search capabilities make it very easy to find any public meeting in the state.

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