Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Utah Launches New Broadband Website

Today, the Utah Broadband Project announced the launch of the State of Utah’s broadband website, now available online at Last year, Utah kicked off a project to expand broadband mapping and planning efforts within the state and has worked to provide a comprehensive resource to help determine broadband availability and facilitate broadband planning. The Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED) in conjunction with Utah.Gov, the Utah Automated Geographic Referencing Center (AGRC), and the Utah Public Service Commission (PSC) launched the interactive website featuring the State’s first broadband map.

“Broadband today presents us with the same challenges electricity did in the past century,” said Governor Gary R. Herbert. “Fostering economic development through business expansion in Utah is a top priority. The interactive map is an important tool that will help increase opportunities and access to information in both rural and urban parts of the state.”

The website has several features including an interactive broadband map, a broadband connection speed test and a reporting tool for areas in Utah without broadband service. The interactive site also has information about broadband impacts, and is targeted to state and local decision-makers, consumers, the business community, and broadband providers partnering on the project. The interactive broadband map clearly illustrates providers, speeds, and availability within the entire State.

“This Project has strengthened our relationships with Utah’s broadband providers and has enabled the successful launch of this innovative map and website,” said Spencer Eccles, executive director of GOED. “Utah’s broadband landscape is strong today because of the partnerships, investment and hard work that our providers have dedicated to deploying and maintaining their state-of-the-art networks in all corners of Utah.”

The National Broadband Map is scheduled for release by the Federal Communications Commission and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration on February 17, 2011. Utah is pleased to release its broadband website and Utah map ahead of the national benchmark.

With continued participation and support from the Governors Office, broadband providers and state and federal officials, the Project will continue serving as an important tool in determining and developing business opportunities in Utah.

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